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We are a startup who loves to build cool stuff using cool technologies to create the future we'd like to see.
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Eningo is a software-as-a-service startup where we create the next generation of software products for the construction and utility industry. Our products range from web applications written in ReactJS to augmented reality mobile apps built using Unity. Our backend is written in Python and hosted on the cloud and we use docker containers to package our services. 

We look at this internship as a way to build a foundation for future work you would do with us. We are also looking at a possibility to hire two interns who can work together. So if you know a friend, let them know! And let us know that you want to work as a pair!

Some hashtags we work with, 

#reactjs #react-native #python #cloudinfrastructure #saas #unity #augmentedreality #highaccuracylocation #spacetechnology #docker #microservices #apis #startupculture.

If any or all of these hashtags excite you, apply! 

What we expect from you.

  • You love to code and you sometimes dream in a programming language of your choice.
  • You love to learn new things.
  • You are a quick learner.

What we do not expect.

  • Experience in any of the technologies we mentioned earlier.

What we would love to see!

  • Your GitHub repo, which we can go through during our video interview. 

What you can expect from us?

  • An onboarding process: We will help you understand our company vision, our culture, our tech stack, our design philosophy. And introduce you to the team.
  • We will work together to create a task for you that is scoped to finish during your internship.
  • Mentorship. We understand things might seem overwhelming when you work for a startup, and it is normal. We move fast and sometimes it might seem like you cannot keep up. But that is where we will make sure we spend time with you to help you over the hurdles you might face.
  • A steep learning curve! You will most likely be familiar with all the hashtags mentioned above and probably add a few of your own.

Additional information

  • Remote status

    Flexible remote

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

People you might work with

Working at Eningo

The construction and utilities industry have usually been late adopters to innovative and new products and services. This is in part due to the notion that these industries are slow to change. We think a bit different. I think the SaaS industry has been slow to adapt to their needs. 

At Eningo, we want to lead this movement and dare to innovate in these industries which play a very crucial role in our society. And the people who work in them also deserve beautifully designed software products. 

We are building a startup with people and product at its core. Our founders and the team at Eningo come from diverse backgrounds and we believe it is one of our strengths to tackle the global market.

Our team has a culture of sharing ideas, discussing and acting on them and we want to cherish this as we grow and hopefully you will bring on some new ideas of your own!


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